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Kenyan revelation - List of encountered species

Vous pouvez poster ici vos photos d'oiseaux prises pendant vos voyages dans de lointaines contrées hors Europe
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Kenyan revelation - List of encountered species

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La version Française est ici:
Cette version anglaise est pour un lien Facebook vers nos amis anglophones, notamment nos super-guides Kenyans

Species encountered
This first trip to East Africa was a revelation in many ways ...
... one of them is the animal wealth of this beautiful country that is Kenya:
In just 14 days of presence on site, I observed more than 200 different species!

I just finished this afternoon the identification of all the photographed species, in addition to the species just "glimpsed"
...it took me "a few months" delay and the help of 2 books bought on site , plus sites such as oiseaux.net to identify then find in French the name of all these species...

202 Species dont :
162 Birds
37 Mammals
3 Reptiles

Below you will find the exhaustive list ... probably not free of errors  :oops:

abyssinian roller
African Darter
african drongo (ad)
African Fish-Eagle
african gray hornbill
african green pigeon
African Hoopoe
African Jacana
African Mourning Dove
African Openbill
african pied wagtail
African Spoonbill
barn swallow
bearded woodpicker
beautiful sunbird (fem)
Black bellied Bustard (fem)
black bellied sunbird (immature)
Black breasted snake eagle
black capped social weaver
Black Kite, Yellow billed race
Black-faced Sandgrouse
Black-headed Heron
black-headed weaver (male) - bohndorffi
Blue-breasted Bee-eater
blue-cheeked bee-eater
blue-naped mousebird
Bronzy Sunbird (fem)
Brown snake eagle
Brown-headed Parrot
brown-hooded kingfisher
Cape Crow
capped wheatear
carmine bee-eater northern race
Cattle Egret
common bulbul dodsoni
common bulbul tricolor
common fiscal shrike
Common Greenshank
Common Ostrich - massaicus
common sandpiper
Creasted Francolin
Crowned Lapwing
eastern chanting goshawk
EASTERN violet backed sunbird
Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill
Egyptian Goose
Egyptian vulture
Eurasian Marsh Harier
European Honey Buzzard
golden backed weaver (fem)
golden breasted starling
Goliath Heron
Gray Crowned Crane
Gray Heron
Gray Krestrel
gray-headed sparrow
Great Egret, Yellow-billed Egret
Greater blue-eared Starling
green sandpiper
Grey-crested Helmetshrike
grey-headed kingfisher
Hadada Ibis
helmeted Guineafowl
Hooded Vulture
isabelline wheatear
Kittlitz's Plover
Kori Bustard
Lapped faced vulture
Laughing Dove
lesser-masked weaver
lesser-striped swallow
lilac-breasted  roller
little bee-eater
Little egret
Little Grebe
Long-creasted eagle (imm) ?
Malachite kingfisher
marabou Stork
Martial Eagle
Mocking cliff chat - Sooty Chat
Montagu's Harrier
mosque swallow monteiri
Namaqua Dove
Northern grosbeak canary
northern masked weaver (fem)
Northern White-crowned Shrike
Nubian Woodpicker
pied crow
Pied kingfisher
pin-tailed whydah
purple grenadier
Purple Heron
purple roller
rattling cisticola
red-billed hornbill
red-billed oxpecker
red-capped Lark
Red-collared Widowbird suahelica (male)
Red-necked Spurfowl
red-winged starling
Reed Cormorant
ring necked dove (tropica)
Rock Krestrel
Ross's Turaco (imm)
rosy-breasted longclaw
Rufous Chatterer
Rufous-naped Lark
Rüppell's Starling
Sacred Ibis
Saddle-billed Stork
Sharpe's Starling
silver bird
somali bee-eater
Somali Ostrich
southern black flycatcher
speckled mousebird
Speckled Pigeon
spectacled weaver
Spur-winged goose
Spur-winged Lapwing
Squacco Heron
Steppe eagle
Stout Cisticola
superb starling
taita fiscal shrike
Tawny Eagle
Temmick's courser
Thekla Lark
Three-banded plover
Usambiro Barbet
verreaux's eagke-owl
village weaver
violet-backed startling (fem)
von der decken's hornbill
vulturine Guineafowl
Wattled Lapwing
wattled starling
Western Osprey
White backed vulture
White-bellied go away bird
White-breasted cormorant
White-browed coucal
white-browed scrub-robin
white-browed sparrow-weaver
White-faced whisteling-Ducks
White-headed Buffalo Weaver
White-headed Vulture (fem)
white-throated bee-eater
Winding Cisticola
Wood sandpiper
woodland kingfisher
Wooly Necked Storck
Yellow necked Spurfowl
yellow wagtail
yellow-billed oxpecker
Yellow-billed Storck
Yellow-fronted Canary

African Buffalo, Cape race
African elephant
Banded Mongoose
Black-backed jackal
Cape/Savanna ? Hare
Common Eland
common hippopotamus
Common Waterbuck
Commun Genet
Dwarf Mongoose
giraffe, masai race
giraffe, reticulated
giraffe, rotchild race
Grant's gazelle
Greater Kudu
Grevy's zebra
Guenther's Dik-Dik
Kirk's Dik-Dik
Natal Red Duiker  - Red forest duiker
Oryx, Beisa ? Gemsbok
Plains zebra … ?
Rock Hyrax
savanna baboon, olive race
Spotted Hyena
straw-colored fruit bat
Thomson's gazelle
Topi, Jimela
Unstriped Ground Squirrel
Vervet monkey east-african
Wildebeest western-white-bearded

nile crocodile
Nile monitor lizard
red-headed agama